Monster Selfie Case


Monster Selfie Case

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The Patent Pending design and material of the Monster Selfie Case allows for limited time mounting of your device to preferred vertical surfaces such as Glass, Mirror and Acrylic.

The #MonsterSelfieCase also offers:

  • Improved Grip of your mobile device
  • Increased protection against scratches to the back of the mobile device
  • Increased shock absorption in case of accidental dropping of the mobile device
  • Increased level of coolness amongst strangers, as well as friends and family.
  • Allows for #selfies without having to stretch your arms beyond comfort
  • Eliminates the need and embarrassment of carrying around and/or using those ugly #selfieSticks


It is important to test how securely the device is attached to the intended surface before removing your hands from the device.

This video contains the first few uncut scenes of the upcoming Monster Selfie Case commercial.